The first round of the NHL playoff is done. Most of the teams i wanted to move to round two made it. Sadly the Sharks didnt and even worse the Red Wings did move on...

Now my Penguins must face Ovie and his crew.. now this will be, if not, the best hockey we've seen this season.. I can't wait to go crazy over the next 7 games. Washington is a great team and they have really good players but my money and my soul is with the Penguins! In my opinion we have the BEST team. With Geno, Sid and Flower, we are gonna see fabulous games!

With that being said.....

LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My new hair..

My life in Billings..

Well I clean the kennels early in the morning and I have a long break in between my morning and afternoon shifts... in the afternoon I wear scrubs and I do all the receptionist work in the front of the vet. It's a lot of fun, I did a lot of this kind of work when I volunteer at the humane society in the Springs, so everything is quite easy, there are a lot of minor details, things my bosses want, that i need to learn but I'm a very fast learner and I'm eager to get my hands dirty!

Working so much has been quite a blessing cuz with all the info i need to learn, getting to know where everything is and attempting to meet new people, i haven't really had the chance to breathe... Still i miss everyone back home a ton!

Megatron is doing just fine.. she sleeps at the foot of the bed i sleep in and enjoys being pet at 3 am... She's a great alarm clock too.. by the time i press the snooze button twice she's sitting on my chest ready meowing and ready to smack me if i don't get up!

This is a pix of her playing in the bed the other night! Shes such a great kitty!

And here she is looking adorable chilling before we went to bed! I sound like those mothers showing their babies off to anyone in their way! hehe!

Well no more news! I'm still looking for an apartment and more than ever I'm ready to move out! OK i haven't play Guitar Hero in forever and a half so now that I'm alone in the house that's what I'm gonna do! later



The 59105

Billings zip code... Wow where to start.. Im still living at my aunt's, Im so ready for my own place but nothing seems to be available here in The Hights, its the eastern part of town. I guess so far its no so bad. Im so homesick thought, its hard being so far away from everyone i knew.

So, i just got an email from someone who diched me the day before i left and it sounded like absolutly nothing happen like we are the best of friends! im SO F***ing PISSED off right now!!!!!!!!!! i better log off before i punch someone!


So finally im here, everything is still upside down. For the time being im at my moms sisters place (my aunt). Enjoying the company and trying to keep my head above water... Thankfully it hasnt been too cold all my stuff is still boxed because i dont have a place of my own quich is quite annoying cuz if i need something i have to go climbing and fishing to try to get whatever i need.. the apartment hunt has begun. so far im quite content.. im missing colorado badly but there is nothing i can do.

This morning i woke up early to go work and i saw one of the most beautiful sunrises i've seen... i believe its a good sign.. a new dawn, a new day has begun...