Finally New Cards!

I've made a lot of cards lately, i saved all the pics in my computer but i don't have internet connection in it (I only use it to listen to music and watch tv shows and movies [thanks Meggie for putting all those shows in I love you!}]). So now i moved the computer from the room to the kitchen area just for tonight to download all sorts of updates and a few new shows cuz i've watch the same ones over and over again! but anyway.... lets get back to uploading all the goodies! Hope you like them!

Lets start with a lovely Anniversary

Graduation is here (congrats Josh)!

A few Birthday cards...

And finally Mothers Day Cards...

Mother's day cards!

So i have no clue when mothers day is but i know its coming up soon so this past weekend i made a few to send back home to some special mothers of mine! now i have to get some envelopes and send them! i think they turned out GREAT! i will take pixs later on today and post them soon!