Megan, Kristin and I had a Card Making Night on Friday night! This is the final product! I had such a hard time coming up with it, but at the end I think this is the one of the prettiest cards I've made so far!

New cards

So today was my little cousins 11th birthday, so I decided to make her a cute card and I think it turned out very cute. Its a little hard to see, but the paper I used has a lot of sparkle and also I used a few pop up stickers as well. This is the first card I've ever made that it isn't a Christmas card. I had so much fun making it! There were so many ideas flowing through me! I'm so excited about future cards! yay

The second picture is a card i made for my aunt's anniversary/valentines day, they got married on valentines so it kinda. I think it is a simple, yet romantic, card!

Well i hope you like them! I think im doing pretty good for a beginner! I am having a hard time taking pictures of the cards... Please send some tips!

Cheers Darlin

Me being pissed....

I hate the RED WINGS!!!! Specially you Hossa!!!! so yeah